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Due to undercover investigations of factory farms becoming more and more present in mainstream media, the general public is being faced with the reality of an animal based diet. In light of this, the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada, an organization dedicated to spreading awareness and taking concrete action to end animal cruelty, has taken it upon itself to offer an opportunity to celebrate plant-based diets.
Hence, World Tofu Day! Plant-based diets are an integral part of a vegan lifestyle that respects the right to life of all living beings regardless if they are covered in fur, spots or scales!



Tofu Man

Tofu-Man-Logofinal2Our mascot, Tofu Man, fights injustice through spreading awareness and education about the realities of the animal products and by-product industries and promoting himself, being made of tofu, as an alternative. He is a superhero for animals everywhere! Join him in his fight for animal rights!


Here at SPA Canada, we invite everyone to take a step back from the grill and consider something new, tasty and cruelty free this summer. Come celebrate World Tofu Day with us!