World Tofu Day


Why are there not more than 4% of vegetarians or vegans among North Americans? Everything boils down to a lack of knowledge. We were raised in a culture that tells us to eat meat at every meal, and we cannot imagine that it could be otherwise. Veganism is still not sufficiently considered because it is unfortunately associated with food deprivations.  However, a diet based on vegetables, fruits, whole grain products, legumes, soy, nuts and seeds brings us much more protective elements and much less elements that are harmful to our health. Vegans who opt for a variety of plant-based foods, ideally the least processed as possible, do not lack the essentials such as proteins, iron, and calcium. Oh yes, perhaps vegans do lack something … they lack diseases and obesity!

Anne-Marie Roy - Dietitian and Nutritionist

Anne-Marie Roy – Dietitian and Nutritionist

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