World Tofu Day

More and more animal lovers are informing themselves about animal exploitation and are adopting a vegan lifestyle (excluding any product that comes from animal exploitation) thus sparing a life of suffering to thousands of fellow creatures.

But consuming dairy products is at least better than eating meat, isn’t it?
This wide-spread idea that dairy cows and laying hen suffer less that other farm animals (and that therefore their exploitation is less cruel) only shows our misconception of the production of milk and eggs.  Gary Francione said that «There was probably more suffering in a glass of milk or an ice cream cone than in a steak». Indeed, to produce milk, the cow must be pregnant.  Her baby is taken away from her at birth so we can drink the milk that was intended for him.Veterinarians testified about the obvious suffering of the mother and the young that are separated, about their moaning for each other that can last hours. If the baby is a male, he is considered a by-product of the milk industry; he will be killed and eaten as veal meat. The mother cow will be milking day after day, pregnancy after pregnancy until her production decreases.  She will then be sent to the slaughterhouse to be consumed as ground beef.

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