World Tofu Day Recipes!

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Did you enjoy the food at the free vegan barbecue for World Tofu Day? Well, here are the star items that made your mouth water with vegan goodies!

For the hot-dogs we served Unisoya’s Vegetable WienersWhy even bother with animal products when there exists many alternatives that are cruelty-free? We also enjoy encouraging local businesses in order to be as sustainable as possible, which is why we choose Unisoya for our Montreal event!

When it came to burgers, there were simply so many options, we couldn’t choose just one! We decided to offer two different options: a more classic burger and a funky flavored one.

For one, there were the delicious Sesame burgers by Porat , this more standard looking veggie-burger puts all animal products to shame with the perfect texture to make any vegan’s hunger satisfied. For those more adventurous in their burger tastes, we served Sol Cuisine’s Indian Masala Burger which is not only vegan but gluten, GMO and soy-free!



Marilou Léger - Photographe pour animaux

Unisoya Vegetable Wiener

Marilou Léger - Photographe pour animaux

Porat Sesame Burger

Sol Cuisine Indian Masala Burgers - Marilou Léger - Photographe pour animaux

Sol Cuisine Indian Masala Burger